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Streamline Themes 6.3.1 – Archetype

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What is the Shopify Streamline Theme?

Archetype Themes created the Shopify theme Streamline. The popular Shopify theme developers created Streamline with the ease of use that most store owners desire, as well as the need for them to easily brand their storefront to adapt to changing audience preferences. To make a visual impact on store visitors, the design layouts included in the theme adhere to a clean, image-optimized layout.

The Shopify Streamline Theme is a responsive and eye-catching theme designed specifically for Shopify merchants. It has a clean and modern design, is SEO-friendly, and has a simple drag-and-drop page builder.

On our website’s theme ranking section, the theme ranks extremely well in the following industry categories: Arts and Crafts, Baby and Kids, and Clothing.

Heycarson says it also ranks well in the following categories: Books, Music and Video, Jewelry and Accessories, and Home and Decor.

Who is the Shopify Streamline Theme for?

Streamline, like the other Archetype Themes themes, can be used for physical stores, visual brand storytelling and flash sales promotions. The customizations allow you to tailor the layouts to your specific requirements!

However, for the types of industry, we believe the eye-catching theme is best suited for clothing and accessories, health and beauty, and sports and recreation brands.

It is also worth noting that the Streamline theme is optimized for high-volume stores.

Shopify Streamline Theme Styles

The Shopify Streamline Theme comes in three different styles: Core, Luxe, and Hype. It promotes memorable imagery that grabs people’s attention. It also has animations that you can use to differentiate yourself from the competition.

1. Core Style

The Core style emphasizes the minimalist style, with headers that do not interfere with the products or animated backgrounds that help you accentuate the style of your shop, whether it is sporty or leisure, casual.

Shopify Streamline Theme

2. Luxe Style

Luxe is the style for you if you want a classic modern look. In terms of headers and menus, this style is minimalist. It also has a variety of soothing colors that will not strain your eyes and will make browsing for your customers a pleasurable experience.

Shopify Streamline Theme

3. Hype Style

If you want to engage the younger demographic, go with the Hype style. This style is very bold, with large images and banners that will catch your attention with a great combination of polarizing colors, such as black and red.

Businesses that use this theme profit quickly from its features. Shopify Streamline was created to optimize conversion, increase sales, and improve brand image. These advantages are critical to your success in the highly competitive digital space.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Top 7 Shopify Streamline Theme Features

1. Visual Storytelling

Many businesses compete for the same customers online. Convincing today’s buyers to choose you is a little trickier than it used to be. Before they make a purchase, you must demonstrate the value of your brand and products.

Multimedia product pages are an effective way to tell your story. The Streamline Theme not only breaks up the monotony of written content, but it also gives your company a great opportunity to showcase your products or brand through videos and photos.

If you want to start a boutique store, this theme has the ideal product setup.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Source: Theme Demo 

This multimedia communication is critical in converting prospects into paying customers. You pique their interest with an excellent product page. Furthermore, you persuade them that you are the right company for them by providing engaging and exciting content.

2. Optimized For Quality Images

Marketing through words alone is not always sufficient. Before they buy from you, potential customers must be able to visualize the service or product that you are selling. You will lose their business if you do not produce high-quality images to persuade them.

The Shopify Streamline Theme enables e-commerce stores to share high-quality images for their landing pages. After-work photos can highlight your products or images of a person or location.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Source: Theme Demo

Sharing high-quality images assists customers in visualizing your products and services. This visualization is critical because it persuades prospects to buy from you. Furthermore, they draw people’s attention while taking up only a small amount of space on your page.

3. Animated Content

Using animated content as a competitive strategy can be very effective. Users can showcase images, text, and page animations with the Shopify Streamline Theme. For consistency, you can distribute these contents across your pages.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Source: Theme Demo

Animated content enables Shopify stores to communicate ideas and emotions in a unique and simple way. With them, you can communicate with people of all ages. Furthermore, they can assist you in communicating in ways that written content cannot.

4. Mobile-Friendly Design

Today, smartphones now account for 87.2% of mcommerce sales. They become irritated if they have to zoom in and out across pages to view the content or take any action. The Streamline theme places the most important features of your storefront at the tip of your thumb, making browsing and checking out simple for anyone.

Mobile phones are used by nearly 60% of all internet users to access the internet. This portion represents a significant potential revenue source for businesses. As a result, as a company, you must consider this demographic.

Mobile version sample: https://loom.com/share/b9e30693717e4187b3d6d6906a38e3fe

The Shopify Streamline Theme enables companies to optimize for mobile. The theme is highly sensitive and adapts to the screen of small devices, shrinking tab sizes and presenting images with pixels that are suitable for these electronics.

A mobile-friendly design is essential for any Shopify store’s success. It gives the business access to a large customer base, allowing you to leverage these customers to meet your goals.

Say more in less space—GIF, stylish scrolling text, smooth video integration, thumb-friendly design, combined to make your brand stand-out.

5. Shopify Theme Store For Medium-Sized Catalogs

The Shopify Streamline Theme can assist e-commerce stores in managing their virtual stock. It enables them to keep track of the items in stock, assist customers in locating the ones they require, and remove any product from your online store.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Source: Theme Demo

Keeping track of the items that have been left is critical to ensuring that your customers make purchases that you can fulfill. It also assists the entrepreneur in determining the reorder level. Customers will be pleased and likely to return if you assist them in finding a product during the purchase process. They could also become a positive referral source for your store.

6. Lookbooks

Make a collection of your product images to highlight a range, style, or season trend. Give visitors ideas on how to style your products or educate them on what is popular among people their age.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Source: Theme demo

7. Lightning quick load times

There is no need to wait for pages or videos to load. On this mobile-first Shopify theme, we kept the code lightweight and fast while not sacrificing style or features.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Source: Theme Demo

8. Color swatches

If your products come in a variety of colors, you want your store visitors to be able to easily explore all of their options. The Streamline Shopify theme includes color swatches, which can be easily added to your product pages.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Source: Theme demo

Where can you see the demo and download Shopify Streamline Theme?

You can find its Shopify store here.

To start using the Streamline Shopify theme, you need to log into your store admin. From there, go to the Themes section.

If you want to use and customize the Streamline theme on your Shopify store, you need to add it to your admin. To be able to do so, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Streamline Theme on the Shopify theme store
  • Click View demo store if you’d like to see how the theme looks in action
  • If you like what you see, click Try theme to add it to your store
  • Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes
  • You will see the Streamline theme listed here
  • Select an Action you’d like to take on the theme – this is where you can preview and customize the theme

Shopify Streamline Theme

Now at this point, the customizations you implement entirely depend upon the type of products you’re selling, your target audience and your goals.

Shopify Streamline Theme’s Pros and Cons


  • Fully responsive layout – Streamline Theme is designed to be responsive and user friendly so it looks great on any device.

Let’s take a look at their page speed score here:

Shopify Streamline Theme speed testShopify Streamline Theme speedtest

  • Blog post – You can choose to add tags and dates at the top of the blog articles.

Shopify Streamline Theme

  • Social Media Icons – Today, the question is not so much who is on social media as it is who is not. The amount of traffic that a Shopify store can receive from social media networks is massive.Users can connect their Shopify stores to their social media networks using the Streamline Theme. This connection allows people to look you up on platforms, recommend you to family and friends, and interact with you through the platforms.

Shopify Streamline ThemeShopify Streamline Theme

  • Shopify Streamline Theme Support– The team is available to assist with any issues or small style tweaks you might have. Absolutely phenomenal customer service! A very helpful support team to any custom styling requests.

First, click “Get Support” at their Shopify Theme Page.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Then type your Shopify store URL with name and email to proceed.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Finally, describe your issue with screenshots to get a faster response with solutions.

Shopify Streamline Theme

Have a look at their customers’ reviews on Shopify here:

Shopify Streamline Theme


  • Text customization – These words are difficult to read in this context, and there is only one default setting.

Shopify Streamline Theme

  • Cost: As it is a paid theme, you must factor it into your budget.

While Streamline may be appropriate for some stores, it is critical to consider all of the pros and cons before making a decision.

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Answer: All Themes/Plugins Have documentary/tutorials included in.Follow it

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Answer: Yes,In order to download the product update you will get free updates.

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