BetterLinks Review: The Ultimate Link Management Solution


In today’s dynamic digital ecosystem, the effective management and tracking of links has become paramount for businesses and individuals alike. Enter BetterLinks – a tool touted to streamline this very process. With an increasing number of marketers and professionals leveraging this platform, there’s an evident buzz around its capabilities. Does it truly stand out in the crowded marketplace of link management solutions? Is it the secret weapon for improving conversion rates, or just another tool with overblown promises?

Our comprehensive BetterLinks review aims to answer these questions and more, delving deep into its features, ease of use, and overall value proposition. Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer or a newbie trying to navigate the vast online landscape, this review promises insights that will help you determine if BetterLinks is the right fit for you.



I. What is BetterLinks?

BetterLinks is an advanced WordPress plugin meticulously crafted to aid users in efficiently generating concise URLs. It offers features that allow for the incorporation of personalized titles, the establishment of brand-consistent links, and the creation of affiliate connections replete with query string parameters.

For professionals and businesses striving to transform lengthy affiliate links into visually appealing and easily memorable URLs or to swiftly produce short URLs suitable for various promotional campaigns and social media platforms, BetterLinks proves invaluable. Upon integrating this plugin into a WordPress site, users gain immediate access to its rich functionalities.

Notably, BetterLinks is especially beneficial for those focused on affiliate marketing, as it provides tools for both cloaking affiliate links and diligently monitoring their performance. Furthermore, it serves as a remedy for transforming cumbersome and unattractive URLs into streamlined and aesthetically pleasing links.

II. Why Should Use BetterLinks?

There are several compelling reasons why you should consider using BetterLinks

  • Features of BetterLinks

  1. Customized Short Links: BetterLinks facilitates the swift creation of branded custom redirect links. This not only allows for efficient management of campaign and affiliate links but also simplifies the process significantly.
  2. Built-In Link Analytics: The software incorporates an advanced analytics system, providing detailed insights on shortened links. This aids in effortlessly gauging the success and reach of campaigns.
  3. One-Click Migration: Transitioning to BetterLinks is seamless. Users can easily import data from other plugins or directly upload a link data file.
  4. Enhanced Link Options: BetterLinks offers extensive link options for campaign and affiliate links. Features such as ‘No Follow’, ‘Sponsored’, ‘Parameter Forwarding’, and ‘Tracking’ can be enabled as required.
  5. Custom Tags & Categories: Links can be systematically categorized and tagged. Such organization ensures simplified and efficient link management.
  6. Drag & Drop Interface: The user-friendly drag and drop interface of BetterLinks ensures swift management of links, enhancing overall productivity.
  7. Multiple Redirect Types: The platform supports three variants of link redirects: 301, 302, and 307, simplifying branded link management.
  8. Link Expiration Settings: Users have the option to set a click limit for link redirections to expire. Moreover, an expiration date and time can be specified, ensuring optimal campaign control.
  9. Google Analytics Integration: BetterLinks integrates with Google Analytics, providing users with comprehensive data on campaigns and audience behavior.
  10. UTM Code Generator: The software facilitates automatic generation of UTM codes, which can be saved as templates for future use.
  11. User Role Management: BetterLinks ensures precise control over user roles, allowing permissions to be set for viewing, editing, creating, and adjusting settings.
  12. Optional Dark Mode Interface: For enhanced user comfort, a dark mode interface option is available.
  13. Advanced Split Testing: The platform supports split testing, enabling users to assess campaign performance and implement URL rotations using the advanced dynamic redirects feature.
  14. Broken Links Checker: Users can efficiently monitor URLs and detect broken links directly from the dashboard, ensuring that visitors do not encounter 404 error pages.
  15. Bot Traffic Control: BetterLinks offers an option to disable bot clicks, thereby preventing unwarranted bot traffic to website pages.
  16. Secured HTTPS Redirects: Enabling forced HTTPS redirects ensures that target URLs are redirected with SSL certification, ensuring security.
  17. Advanced Dynamic Redirects: Dynamic redirects can be formulated based on criteria such as geographic location, device, browser, or even time.
  18. Redirect Folders with Wildcards: With BetterLinks’ wildcards feature, users can effortlessly redirect all files in a specific folder or directory.
  19. Auto Link Keywords: Affiliate links can be swiftly attached to specific keywords in content with a mere few clicks.
  20. Advanced Link Scheduler: The software enables the scheduling of links to be active during specified periods, facilitating better campaign management.
  21. Instant Gutenberg Redirects: BetterLinks is compatible with the Gutenberg editor, allowing immediate link redirection set-up in the default WordPress block editor.
  22. Instant Elementor Redirects: The platform is integrative with the Elementor Editor, a renowned WordPress website builder, making URL redirection and link management straightforward.
  • My Experience In Using BetterLinks

From the moment I began using BetterLinks, a certain ease and convenience washed over me. The days of long, unattractive URLs were instantly behind me, replaced with neat, branded links that not only looked professional but also felt intentional. Every link I created seemed like an extension of my brand, amplifying its presence and making it memorable.

The built-in analytics was a game-changer. No longer did I have to guess or assume how my links were performing. The data was right there, presented in a clear and understandable manner. Each click, each redirection, was a tangible measure of my campaign’s reach and impact.

Migrating to BetterLinks felt seamless, like stepping from one familiar room into another. The process was devoid of the usual technical hiccups and data loss fears. The platform had clearly been designed with the user in mind, from the simple drag-and-drop interface to the advanced scheduling capabilities.

One feature I particularly appreciated was the UTM Code Generator. It was as if it anticipated my marketing needs, offering me tools I hadn’t realized I needed. With each automatic generation, I felt more equipped, more ready to tackle the intricate world of online campaigns.

Navigating through the interface, especially with the optional dark mode, was a smooth experience. It wasn’t just about functionality; it was also about comfort. And while this might seem like a small detail, in the hours spent working on campaigns, such comforts really mattered.

The advanced dynamic redirects and the ability to schedule links gave me a newfound flexibility. I felt in control, able to direct my audience based on location, time, or device. This was not just link management; this was a strategic orchestration of online traffic.

But it wasn’t just about the high-tech features. The simple joys, like categorizing and tagging links, or the peace of mind from the broken links checker, added layers of contentment to my user experience. Every feature, every tool seemed to whisper, “We’ve got you covered.”

In the realm of link management, BetterLinks felt like a steadfast ally. It was more than a tool; it became an integral part of my digital toolkit. With every link created, every redirect set, I felt not just efficient but empowered. It’s rare to find a tool that seamlessly blends functionality with user experience, but with BetterLinks, I felt I had found just that.

III. Who Should Use BetterLinks?

  1. Digital Marketers: For those engaged in online campaigns, tracking link performance and gauging audience behavior are paramount. BetterLinks provides the essential tools for measuring campaign success and implementing strategic link management.
  2. Affiliate Marketers: Individuals involved in affiliate marketing will find it especially beneficial. The ability to auto-link specific keywords and manage affiliate links efficiently can significantly enhance their campaigns’ efficacy.
  3. Bloggers and Content Creators: Whether sharing content or recommending products, streamlined URL management and link analytics can offer invaluable insights into audience engagement and content reach.
  4. E-commerce Business Owners: For those running online stores, customized short links can present a more professional image. Furthermore, integration with Google Analytics provides deeper insights into customer behavior and campaign outcomes.
  5. Website Developers and Designers: Professionals in website development and design can benefit from features like instant Gutenberg and Elementor redirects. The platform’s seamless integration with popular WordPress tools simplifies the web development process.
  6. SEO Specialists: BetterLinks’ features like secured HTTPS redirects, UTM code generation, and the broken links checker can aid in optimizing websites for search engines and improving overall site health.
  7. Ad Agencies: Agencies handling multiple campaigns for various clients will appreciate the organization tools, such as custom tags, categories, and advanced scheduling, ensuring that each campaign gets the attention it requires.
  8. Social Media Influencers: The importance of aesthetics and brand consistency is paramount for influencers. Branded, short links and the ability to track their performance can significantly enhance an influencer’s online strategy.
  9. Business Owners with Limited Tech Knowledge: The drag & drop interface and one-click migration features make BetterLinks a user-friendly option for those who might not be tech-savvy but still want to manage their links professionally.
  10. Educators and Trainers: For those who often share resources, tools, or online courses, having categorized, easily trackable, and branded links can streamline the sharing process and provide insights into which resources are accessed most frequently.
  11. Teams with Collaborative Projects: BetterLinks’ user role management allows teams to set permissions and collaborate efficiently. Whether sharing project resources or disseminating information, teams can maintain control over link access and editing capabilities.

In conclusion, BetterLinks is a versatile tool designed for a wide array of users. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a large organization, if you have a need to manage, track, or optimize URLs in any capacity, BetterLinks can be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

IV. Reviews from Customers

  1. Samantha R. – Digital Marketer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “BetterLinks has transformed the way I handle my campaigns. The built-in analytics offers a depth of insights I’ve never experienced before. It’s intuitive, efficient, and the custom short links give my brand the professional touch it needed. A game-changer for sure!”
  2. Alex L. – Affiliate Blogger ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve tried various link management tools over the years, but BetterLinks stands out by a mile. The auto link keywords feature has saved me countless hours, and the link analytics keeps me informed on what’s working and what’s not. Every affiliate marketer should have this in their arsenal.”
  3. Diego M. – Small Business Owner ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’m not particularly tech-savvy, so I was initially hesitant about using a new tool. But BetterLinks surprised me with its user-friendly interface. The one-click migration and drag & drop features made my life so much easier. Plus, the dark mode is a real treat for the eyes during late-night work sessions!”
  4. Priya N. – SEO Specialist ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “From the SEO perspective, BetterLinks is a gem. The broken links checker is invaluable, and the ability to easily enable secured HTTPS redirects ensures that our site health remains optimal. The added UTM code generator? Just the cherry on top!”
  5. Ethan J. – Social Media Influencer ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Branding is crucial for me, and BetterLinks nails it with its custom short links. Not only do my links look cleaner on my social media posts, but I can also track how well they’re performing. Wish I’d discovered this tool sooner!”



V. Step-by-Step Guide: How to Effectively Utilize BetterLinks

  1. Installation and Setup
  • Install the BetterLinks plugin on your WordPress website.
  • Once activated, you’ll find a dedicated BetterLinks section in your WordPress dashboard.
  1. Creating Customized Short Links
  • Navigate to the ‘Add New’ option within BetterLinks.
  • Input your long URL and customize your short link as desired.
  • Assign tags and categories if needed for easier organization.
  1. Monitoring Link Analytics
  • Click on the ‘Analytics’ tab within BetterLinks.
  • Here, you’ll see detailed data on your shortened links, including the number of clicks, referrers, and geographic locations of users.
  1. Migrating to BetterLinks
  • If you’re shifting from another link management tool, use the ‘Import’ feature.
  • You can also upload a link data file directly.
  1. Customizing Link Options
  • When creating or editing a link, look for the ‘Options’ section.
  • Here, you can enable features like ‘No Follow’, ‘Sponsored’, ‘Parameter Forwarding’, and ‘Tracking’.
  1. Using the Drag & Drop Interface
  • When managing multiple links, you can easily rearrange or categorize them using the intuitive drag and drop feature.
  1. Redirect Options
  • While setting up a link, you’ll have the choice to pick the redirect type: 301 (permanent), 302 (temporary), or 307 (temporary, but HTTP method doesn’t change).
  1. Scheduling Link Expiration
  • In the link options, set a click limit or specify an expiration date and time for the link to expire.
  1. Google Analytics Integration
  • Head to BetterLinks settings.
  • Link your Google Analytics account to get more detailed data on your links and campaigns.
  1. UTM Code Generation
  • When creating a link, use the UTM generator to automatically generate UTM parameters.
  • Save templates for repeated use in future campaigns.
  1. User Role Management
  • Navigate to BetterLinks settings.
  • Specify permissions for different user roles, determining who can view, edit, or manage links and settings.
  1. Optional Dark Mode Interface
  • To switch to dark mode, go to BetterLinks settings and enable the dark mode option.
  1. Advanced Features
  • Utilize the split testing tool to compare the performance of different campaigns.
  • Set up advanced dynamic redirects based on criteria like geography or device.
  • Use the broken links checker regularly to ensure all your links are functioning.
  • Schedule links to activate or deactivate at specific times.
  • For WordPress users, leverage the Gutenberg and Elementor redirects for seamless link integration within your content.

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BetterLinks at DLEWordPress

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  1. What is BetterLinks, and why do I need it?

BetterLinks is a cutting-edge link management tool designed for professionals who seek to optimize, track, and brand their URLs. With features ranging from built-in analytics to dynamic redirects and integrated UTM code generation, it simplifies link management while providing insightful data. Whether you’re a digital marketer, affiliate, or business owner, BetterLinks enhances your link presentation, offers critical performance insights, and ensures efficient link organization.

  1. Can I migrate my existing links from another tool to BetterLinks?

Absolutely! BetterLinks offers a seamless one-click migration feature. This allows you to effortlessly import data from other plugins or even directly from a link data file. Transitioning to it is designed to be hassle-free, ensuring continuity in your campaigns.

  1. Does BetterLinks integrate with popular tools like Google Analytics?

Yes, BetterLinks boasts an impressive Google Analytics integration feature. By connecting your Google Analytics account, you can delve deeper into your link performance, gaining in-depth insights into your campaigns and audience behavior. This integration ensures that you get the most comprehensive data from your links.

  1. How does BetterLinks handle security and link integrity?

Security and reliability are cornerstones of BetterLinks. The platform allows for secured HTTPS redirects, ensuring your target URLs are redirected with SSL certification. Additionally, the built-in broken links checker regularly scans your URLs to ensure your audience never encounters a frustrating 404 error page.

  1. Can I control and schedule when my links are active with BetterLinks?

Yes, BetterLinks provides an advanced link scheduler. This feature lets you manage your campaigns efficiently by activating or deactivating links during specific time periods. Whether you have time-sensitive promotions or want to test link performance at different times, it gives you complete control.