YITH Active Campaign For WooCommerce Premium V2.0.10


YITH Active Campaign for WooCommerce Premium helps create form sign-ups for a list of active companies directly from your store, managing the cards associated with segment users, even at checkout.

Email is an in the most useful plug-in in an online business, no wonder.

Nearly online schools worldwide say that a large portion of their income comes from their mailing list because any email gets sent is a good opportunity to get some good business.

A simple email sent at the right time can give the customer the second purchase, a chance you’re wasting on every successful order you receive.

What if you could send an email based on the category a purchased product belongs to?

Imagine if you could email sales to a customer who added a specific product to their cart and completed the order. Can you see an opportunity?

Our new plugin was created to give WooCommerce all the features of this great service to the maximum advantage of its capabilities, but keep an eye on e-commerce.

Thanks to YITH Active Campaign for WooCommerce, you can also create form customizations in just some content, tag specific tags, email as soon as you reach the store, and so on.

YITH has also developed a very important feature that allows you to segment your user base according to information entered during checkout, for example, you can enter all the inhabitants of a particular town. to a list list, to start a stream email auto contains information and / or the program a promotion exclusively for a specific user.

Do you find yourself missing out on many opportunities?

YITH Active Campaign For WooCommerce Premium V2.0.10