SmartCrawl Pro v3.6.4 – WordPress Plugin

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SmartCrawl Pro is designed to help you improve your ranking tools.
SmartCrawl is an SEO tool that makes it easy for search engines to find the content on your website. Instead you wonder how do search engines find your web pages.

SmartCrawl Pro will perform a complete audit of your website and notify you of its strengths and weaknesses. Once everything is done, the plugin will tell you what you need to do on the site, to increase the rating and user experience.

This is the most powerful feature as it helps you understand how effective your SEO is before you spend hours improving it. The SmartCrawl Pro plugin also allows you to check your visible web pages search engines, allowing you to create and edit titles and descriptions for your posts and pages.

This and 4000+ plugins and themes can be downloaded as a premium member for only $19.

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SmartCrawl Pro v3.6.4 – WordPress Plugin