PowerMTA 4.5r12 with Mumara or Mailwizz


PowerMTA 4.5 r12 is an enterprise-grade email message transfer agent (MTA) for sending high-volume and mission critical messages. PowerMTA provides unsurpassed reliability in message delivery in a stable SMTP environment with granular connection controls. Superior message throughput, simple set up and real-time analysis provide PowerMTA 4.5 r12 users with performance, deliverability, and manageability with a much smaller hardware footprint than is possible with either open source options or other commercial solutions

What you will get?

1. PowerMTA 4.5r12 & Mailwizz + Acelle Mail

2. PowerMTA Management Console 1.5r16 and PMTA Management Console 1.5r12

3. Full Video Installation Tutorial

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PowerMTA 4.5r12 with Mumara or Mailwizz